Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Look Whooooo's Back!

Well, I apologize that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving! It was about around that time that I started getting sick, and then I got a bit better... but by Christmas I was really sick and I have been battling pneumonia, asthma, strep throat, mono and anything else you can name since then. It has been 6 months and I have barely been able to keep up my Motivational Blog every night. But I did want to share a few things with you today.

I have been on an OWL kick lately since I was sick and had to sit around a lot!
 So we just finished up Shop Hop for this year 2014, it went well and I was able to be there part of the time, since I am still battling Mono. But it was wonderful to see so many amazing ladies!
Here is our block ...that we gave out!

 Then I made some Fat Quarter Cupcakes that you  could buy by the 1/2 dozen or one at a time.

We even had fresh made daily Cinnamon Rolls (ingredients...4 fat quarters)

We had another project ( wall hanging or banner ) idea
to make from our pattern.

Miss Mandie ( our American Girl Doll ) even came to join in the fun!
And we also gave out a free pattern on how to make this beautiful fabric wreath!

Then last Month I did a Take Time To Read project. It's the perfect gift for a friend from a Book Club or for a child to encourage them to read more this summer!

Well, I need to run, because today is July 1st... and that means our 12 Days of Christmas is just around the corner. Day 1 will be next Weds July 9th ( because of 4th of July this weekend ) and Day 2 will be Friday July 18th  noon till 2:00 each class.  Susan is doing her 12 Days of Christmas punch card again with a ton of sales. You don't want to miss using the punch card. It is only good on the days I  teach.
Can't wait to see you dear friends!

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