Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Look Whooooo's Back!

Well, I apologize that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving! It was about around that time that I started getting sick, and then I got a bit better... but by Christmas I was really sick and I have been battling pneumonia, asthma, strep throat, mono and anything else you can name since then. It has been 6 months and I have barely been able to keep up my Motivational Blog every night. But I did want to share a few things with you today.

I have been on an OWL kick lately since I was sick and had to sit around a lot!
 So we just finished up Shop Hop for this year 2014, it went well and I was able to be there part of the time, since I am still battling Mono. But it was wonderful to see so many amazing ladies!
Here is our block ...that we gave out!

 Then I made some Fat Quarter Cupcakes that you  could buy by the 1/2 dozen or one at a time.

We even had fresh made daily Cinnamon Rolls (ingredients...4 fat quarters)

We had another project ( wall hanging or banner ) idea
to make from our pattern.

Miss Mandie ( our American Girl Doll ) even came to join in the fun!
And we also gave out a free pattern on how to make this beautiful fabric wreath!

Then last Month I did a Take Time To Read project. It's the perfect gift for a friend from a Book Club or for a child to encourage them to read more this summer!

Well, I need to run, because today is July 1st... and that means our 12 Days of Christmas is just around the corner. Day 1 will be next Weds July 9th ( because of 4th of July this weekend ) and Day 2 will be Friday July 18th  noon till 2:00 each class.  Susan is doing her 12 Days of Christmas punch card again with a ton of sales. You don't want to miss using the punch card. It is only good on the days I  teach.
Can't wait to see you dear friends!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

More thanksgiving ideas!

Just wanted to show you another Thanksgiving idea! This one is a place mats, napkins and napkin rings. The placemat I used were the fusible ones we have at the shop. You just need 4 fat quarters for each set. Two for the placemats ( front and back ), then 2 cut into 18 squares for the napkins! You can make this up fast! The napkin rings we made last year from fabric and then I just used a couple of my die cuts for the cute felt decorations on top!
Ok, I gotta keep sewing! If you have any questions let me know?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Demo

Wow, I am really late in posting this, I am so sorry. I am not too good on computer stuff...I warned you. Here is what we did for our Demo this month and here is the handout that went with it. My Dresden plate die cut made this project fast and simple!
 Happy Halloween!

October Demo by Lynn Woodard

Harvest Table topper or Christmas Mini Tree Skirt

Friday October 4th from noon till 3:00 and

Weds October 9th from noon till 3:00

Supplies needed… 8 coordinating fat quarters ( you will get two tops out of this many fat quarters, ¾ yard of batting, ¾ yard of fabric for backing, 1 pack of extra wide bias tape for the table topper or 2 packs for the tree skirt, and I also used my

Dresden Plate Die Cut by Sizzix BigZ 65884, or you can cut it out with a pattern that I will supply at my demo class.

Any questions ask me at  mandieandmedesigns@gmail.com


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2013 Demo!

Tomorrow is my September Demo, and here it is...

It's called a Wobbly Web, and aren't these spiders the cutest?
Here is the handout...if you missed today's demo!
September 2013 Demo    Wobbly Web Tablerunner
I found this cute idea at Moda Bake Shop, you can go here to see it! http://www.modabakeshop.com/2013/05/wobbly-web-layer-cake-throw.html
If you can believe it, Halloween is just around the corner and we need to make sure we are all ready for it.  This table runner is perfect for your kitchen table or entrance way table!
Here is what you will need to make this…
4 Fat Quarters of Halloween Fabric that goes together ( cut into 10 inch squares each )
1 black print fat quarter (to cut into 8- 1 ½ x 11 ¼ strips for making the wobbly web look
¼ yard of fabric (of a different black print, for inside small border, which I cut 1 ½ pieces strips)
1/3 yard of Black fabric (this is for the 2nd larger border, which I cut at 3” strips)1 – 3”piece of the black fabric and the same of Steam and Seam to( cut out a 2 ½ “ circle for spider)

¾  to 1 yard of fabric ( for the back, and the same of the batting)
A clear quilting ruler that is at least 6 x 11 inches
10 x 10 piece of card board, ruler, permanent marker, rubbing alcohol
4 – ¾ inch green buttons ( for spider eyes )
4 – ½ inch black buttons  ( for spider eyes )
1 pkg of little black rick rack  ( for spider legs, and make sure you put 8 of them on )
½ yard of your choice ( for binding )
I can’t really write out all of the instructions, so you can take notes during my demo, or go to the website and get them. They made a quilt out of this pattern, and it is darling too!
“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, Tis near Halloween.”
Lynn Woodard   www.mandieandmedesigns.com

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jenny's Picnic Quilt!

Some of you saw the top of this quilt yesterday at my Day 3 Christmas Demo. I just wanted to show you how it turned out just in time for Jenny's Birthday party tonight.

For some background on this quilt and the traditions behind it. When my oldest Granddaughter turned 4 years old, I made her a Picnic Quilt, I first found cute dishes, cups and silverware that I liked then made a quilt to match it. The quilts have denim on the back (that I have cut out with our old jeans). Angie's was a Lady Bug d├ęcor so I created a quilt to match, below is a photo of it!

I had already purchased Jenny and even my Grandson Kai's dishes for their Picnic Quilt someday. But it wasn't until this Monday, that I realized that her birthday was Thursday ( today ) and so I had to think of something fast. Her dishes were Owls, so since I had already designed an owl for my Share The Love Demo ( which you can find on the side button of this blog, on the home page ) I decided to just use that same owl and just enlarge it over and over again to get the 3 sizes that I needed. I wanted to do 3 owls since Jenny has 2 sisters. So the Big owl is Angie, the Medium owl is Jenny ( you noticed that this owl is moving and watching over the Little owl ( her baby sister Audrey, who she is crazy about ). It was fun using my fabric from the Riley Blake. You can check out all their cute fabric and etc. HERE: I have to admit, I am wondering why I don't do all my quilts from those 10 inch squares...loved it. And of course with Chevron...how can you go wrong?
I still can't believe that I got it done... man that was a labor of Love....hard labor! :)
Believe it or not...I already have Kai's done..it is Space Ships ...take a look! I would love to tell you that I quilted this one myself...but I think you know that wouldn't be true! :)


 So warning to all you Nanas or Grandmas out there,BE VERY CAREFUL what traditions you start, because you are putting some big expectations on yourself... if you aren't careful. Seriously though, when Angie and I had our first Picnic on her quilt...it was totally worth it all!                       

 And of course I loved the fun new tags that we just got at the Shop. We found them at the Market, they are called Tag it Ons you can look at them Here:
I should seriously start now on searching for dishes for Audrey's quilt soon! :)

"Simple moments with  your grandchildren become...priceless memories!"

Crocheting for the girls!

Lately I have been back into crocheting little girl's purse... I have a lot of Girl baby gifts to do, and I just love how they turn out. Here are the girls with their matching purses!

We even made one for little Miss Audrey, cause we need to teach her at a young age...that a girl could never have enough purses! :) Actually, that sounds funny coming from me, because I don't have many at all! Still!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Look deep into my eyes!

I just finished this little Witch outfit, for our doll at the shop. Now she is ready for Halloween this Fall. She will feel right at home with all the new Halloween Fabrics that is coming in. I took this photo myself, and had to laugh because of the angle I shot it with, sorta makes you think you can hear her saying..."Look deep into my eyes, you now want to go to Gathering Fabrics and start buying lots and lots of fabric!!!"
You know how I love detail, if you look closely you will see a sweet little spider on top of her hat with the rosettes. You will also see the darling decorative buttons ( that a dear friend gave me ) down the front of her dress.. I patched worked the inside of her cape with all the new Halloween Fabric we have in right now from... Sweetwater. Come in and check it out! You know you want to! :)

Many have asked me for this pattern, and the Little Red Riding Hood one too.
 It is Butterick 5661, I am not sure you can find it at the stores any more, but you can find almost anything from the internet.
Check out ETSY.com and other places. If you can't find it ...let me know and I will see what we can do! 
Have a wonderful day!